rencontres speed dating Hello, and welcome to the inaugural issue of The Easy Breezy Way magazine. For years, I‘ve had the desire to create a lifestyle brand that shared insights on how to create a life filled with freedom, joy, personal growth, and abundance.  I also wanted the opportunity to share my knowledge and support to help others grow and build an online business through training on branding, marketing, generating leads, and all of the elements needed to launch, build, and sustain a successful online business. So here we are!

rencontre amitié The overall theme of this magazine is to foster an “easy breezy” approach to life and business.  What do I mean by that? I find that we often tend to think life needs to be hard or filled with tons of work that leaves us drained and unfulfilled. From personal experience, I know how easy it is to fall into the trap of living a life we‘re “supposed” to love, yet that life leaves us feeling as if something is missing. It took me years to wake-up and be honest with myself about the life I was currently living compared to the life I very much knew I was meant to live. I want to help others “wake-up” and thrive, as well.

visit this site right here With years of experience in learning what not do in my life and business, one of my goals is to help others by sharing my personal experiences. In doing so, it‘s my hope that you‘ll be inspired, learn, and even laugh out loud as I share some of the highs and lows of my personal story. As another birthday approached—which also meant spring was in the air—I thought it would be the perfect time to launch this magazine. What better way to celebrate my life, as well as remind all of you that your life is worth celebrating? This brings me to the topic of this inaugural magazine — The Celebration of YOU!

ta rencontre coquine У dijon To begin living in this moment, you need first to acknowledge and celebrate who you are at this moment. Let go of any negative talk and get clear on what it is you truly desire (and I don‘t mean what OTHERS think you should desire or want). As you celebrate you, your Soul will dance with joy and your work, relationships, finances, and life, in general, will improve.

meilleure site de rencontre 100 gratuit Each edition of this magazine will share stories from me, as well as contributing writers who are entrepreneurs, creators, and visionaries. We will share topics about Health, Love, Business, Parenting, Entertaining, Travel, Spirituality, and more! I want to do all I can to support your personal development, business success, online branding, spirituality, authentic living, joy, staying true to you, living in the moment, and conscious awareness so you can live the life you’re meant to live. I’m super excited to share each monthly edition with you and encourage your engagement and sharing along the way. We’re in this experience together.

homme veuf cherche femme pour mariage tunisie Finally, I want to share how truly honored I am to share this journey with you. My intention is to inspire you to get in touch with your dreams, desires, passions, needs — YOURSELF. Regardless of your career choice—entrepreneur, business owner, author, coach, stay-at-home parent, single parent, mentor — consider this magazine a guide to creating a business around your lifestyle, manifesting your dreams, and elevating your business and life. It‘s about living in the moment and opening yourself up to the best you possible. It‘s about inspiring others and sharing your story with the world.
It‘s about self-discovery and personal growth.

You deserve all of the love, health, and financial abundance you desire, and I‘m here to help you achieve it.