Q flirter hun med mig What made you decide to start your business?
AAs a recovered People Pleaser, Perfectionist, and Procrastinator of my own health, I had a big transformation in my own life after my son was born. I knew that I wanted to break the legacy that was passed onto me, and re-build my mould as a confident mom, wife, coach, trainer, and entrepreneur. I stopped the self-sabotage, comparison, and started to live into who I was meant to be. My mission is to empower other moms to do the same. To be Empowered EntreprenHER's like me, take control of their own life, and raise confident kids in a happy home.
Q check these guys out How do you balance motherhood with entrepreneurship?
AI'm a time management NINJA! Being present, focused, vibrant and giving my whole self to whatever or whomever I'm with is the most important to me. I block my time and I always know what takes the most priority. My day starts at 5:00am with my workout, ONE project for the day with work, personal development, and meditation. When my son gets up, it's 100% focused on him. You have to know what you are and aren't willing to sacrifice in your day, and time with my family is it, as my 3 year old is growing like a week. So I have to stay focused, minimize distractions, email only 1x a day, and not firefight other people's problems. You have to know what you own and don't own and ask what TRUE deadlines are, not when people want your help.
Q What is the most important skill a mompreneur should develop (even if it’s not natural to them)?
A Self- Compassion! Parenting, business, it's not a race and no one wins with the badge of busy! Set your own pace and realize that you will fail, but you will LEARN and be stronger because of it! Perfection doesn't exist, and the comparison only hold you back! Only you can deliver your message so OWN IT!
Q rencontre 86140 What does your self-care look like?
A5:30am workout and reading of personal development books. Sunday is a complete unplugged day with family. It's also a day when I take a soak in the bath to unwind and reflect on my gratitude and blessings. We also travel a lot as a family, mini get aways every quarter and one big trip a year!
Q site de rencontre 43 Do you have a support network? Is it important to find one?
AAbsolutely! I am in masterminds, I lead masterminds, and I have an incredibly supportive health and fitness team. My friends and family also know my goals and we cheer each other on! Being connected with other mompreneurs who keep it real is so KEY!!!!!!!! 🙂 Thank you!