Q go to my blog What made you decide to start your business?
AIt was something I believed in and could get behind even though there are "bad days"
Q Continued How do you balance motherhood with entrepreneurship?
A Slowly. Carefully. Just try to do my best when I can and attempt to not let guilt control me.
Q ovb bekanntschaften What is the most important skill a mompreneur should develop (even if it’s not natural to them)?
A Meditation. Empathy and grace.
Q como conocer a un hombre What does your self-care look like?
AExercise, meditation and doing my best to unplug over the weekends.
Q site rencontre franco vietnamien Do you have a support network? Is it important to find one?
AKind of. Have a great neighbors and friends to help with "Mom" stuff and have a wonderful husband that is supportive of my business and our family. Support network is a blessing and is important to have. While we can't find one for all aspects of life having one in any aspect should be a priority.