Q What made you decide to start your business?
AI was on active duty in the Army Reserve and I was doing side projects with all of my coworkers, so I was used to doing the same work, just helping out friends. After my daughter was born, I had a choice make - to stay on active duty or be home with my daughter. I started my business in 2010 and never looked back. Once I became a single mother, the "work from home" life I established was such a blessing.
Q How do you balance motherhood with entrepreneurship?
AI don't! Sometimes my kid goes to school late, or she doesn't make it out the door because I have meetings and no one can pick her up so she comes with me for the day. She eats and she bathes and she does all her homework, so we are doing pretty good.
Q What is the most important skill a mompreneur should develop (even if it’s not natural to them)?
AThe ability to build a strong tribe of friends. I know that my friends and business partners have saved me so many times when I needed a sitter, a person to pick her up from school or to hug her when she had a bad day and I couldn't be there. For us, it literally takes a village!
Q Get More Information What does your self-care look like?
AUsually it's reading or walking, and on occasion it's wine on a Friday night when my daughter is in bed. The great thing about working from home is when I need a pedicure with all the works I just schedule it in and grab a book. It's the little breaks that help me keep going.
Q traditional matchmaking services Do you have a support network? Is it important to find one?
AYes and it's everything! I found it through my church but there are so many people doing mommy and me hikes, walks, and play dates. If you do some searching you can find a lot of entrepreneurial mommies out there who are also looking for new friends.