AI woke up in the middle of the night with the idea for Mindful Mommy and the rest is history. Of course I have rebranded to The Mindful Family since that idea came in 8 years ago but my mission is really the same. To redefine what it means to be a good mom by inspiring mothers to make mindful living, self-care and FUN a daily habit.
Q How do you balance motherhood with entrepreneurship?
AI don't. I actually believe that balance is bullshit. I choose to be fully present in my business which means that I am not present with my kids. I also choose to be fully present with my kids which means I can't be working on my business. It is more like a see-saw
Q cherche homme pour petit travaux What is the most important skill a mompreneur should develop (even if it’s not natural to them)?
A The most important skill a mompreneur should have is figuring out how to put blinders on to what everyone else is doing. I still have a hard time with this and at times find myself comparing myself to others. Then I remind myself that they are just a few steps ahead of me and everyone has their own journey.
Q here What does your self-care look like?
AI am pretty strict when it comes to sleep. It is my number one priority. I also make time to meditate or practice mindfulness daily, move my body in a ways that feel good, take high quality supplements, and love experimenting with essential oils. I am pretty passionate about self-care because I don't think you can be the best mom or business owner without putting it first.
Q ladder option broker Do you have a support network? Is it important to find one?
AIs it important to find one? YES! I have many circles that I am in to rely on for support. I have mom friends, mompreneur friends, family friends. It takes time and work to cultivate the relationships but it is so worth it.