So you want to get in on this mindfulness gig?

I don't blame you! I wanted to do the same more than 200 days ago. I know this because I actually counted how many days I meditated, every day all the way up to 120 days. Now it's just a habit I work into my day, everyday.

While I was on this 120 day mindfulness journey I downloaded every free meditation app out there and used up all of the free programs and what it boiled down to for me was the Calm App.

This is why:​

They have a 7 day free trial called 7 days of calm. These are sample guided meditations giving you a little taste of more extensive series they offer to paid customers.

After the 7 days of free meditations they also have other free content. Some guided and some not. Some with meditation bells, and some free style. All of them are quality tho. You could literally meditate forever just on their free content.

They have statistics and tracking and daily reminders to meditate if you want it. At the end of your practice for the day a little quote pops up telling you you're awesome and how many day streak your on. I love that part.

You can customize the audio background for your meditations. You can choose from options like a light rain, forest noises, ocean, thunderstorm and other soothing sounds.

They also offer a Daily Calm. A different featured meditation every day.​

All of what I just listed are part of their free content. Should you find yourself wanting more, like me, you can pay a yearly subscription and access their 21 Days of Calm series AND other 7 day series like meditations on Gratitude, Better Sleep, Happiness, Managing Stress, Focus, Calming Anxiety, etc.

Every day you complete in a series unlocks the next day till you complete the series and move on to the next one.

Calm offers guided meditations in series like I just explained, guided body scan meditations, and unguided meditations ranging from 3-30 minutes. You choose your time and meditation and just press play.

Calm also offers Sleep Stories which are designed to help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and love your sleep. Many of these are available without a subscription too.

Other options the app provides are practices for kids and breathing exercises.

It is really easy to use and leaves no room for error. No guessing as to what is next or where do I start.

In my opinion Calm is the best mindfulness mobile app out there. Check it out and when you are ready for more, click here to get a discounted price on their yearly subscription.