navigate to this web-site You work hard, and you earn the right to play just as hard, if not harder! Remember to celebrate you and your life by taking the time to have as much fun and laughter as possible. It’s good for the Soul and life in general. And what better way to celebrate life than by hosting parties and events for family and friends!

leute kennenlernen schwetzingen I recently threw a fun 50s themed birthday party for my daughter, Delanie, and we had a blast. This type of party would be fun for any age, adult and child alike. It would also be a great theme for other types of parties, like anniversary and retirement parties, so let your imagination soar.

this hyperlink To get started, I’ve included a detailed checklist below, as well as some photos and product links to help you create a wonderful 50s themed party. Have fun (and no stress) the Easy, Breezy Way! plan inspiration

My go-to site for inspiration is always Pinterest. For the 50s theme party, I started a “50s Theme Party” board and began searching for ideas and pinning them to my board. While I’m pinning, I often go to the website link for each pin to gather more research, ideas and so on. Sometimes, the pins will take you to the page where the product featured can be ordered, which is super helpful.


tecnicas para ligar chicos budget

After my inspirational juices are flowing, I set a budget for the party, which helps me remain in check with my purchases.



Next, I decide where I want to host my event and check to see what dates are available. For the 50s themed party, my daughter wanted to throw the party at our house instead of at a diner, so that simplified some of the planning for us.


setdateAfter setting a budget and selecting a location, I’m ready to select a date and time for the party. Before doing this, however, I find out how long it will take for my supplies to arrive if I have to order anything.

daisy guestsNext is the invite list. It’s a good to have an idea of who you’d like to invite, so you know how many people you need to plan for. Depending on your style and the type of party, you might opt to have a RSVP included on the invite. Take into consideration how long you need for all of the purchased items to arrive when choosing a RSVP date.

DelaniesBdayInvitationsThe invite is typically the first purchase I make, as anything that needs to be customized should be ordered first. Etsy is a great place to order invites, personalized signs, and so on. For Delanie’s 50s themed party, she chose to invite friends and family, so I did not feel the need to print the purchased invite. Instead, I sent the invite digitally via text message to all of the invitees. I love sending things via text message! It‘s Easy Breezy, saves time, and saves a little money since you are not printing or using postage.


menuNow I’m ready to create a menu. If I don‘t find what I’m looking for on Pinterest, I usually Google the theme for menu ideas. For Delanie’s party, I Googled “fifties theme party menu ideas.”


Make a list of everything you would like to have on your menu.

Delanie’s 50s themed menu included:

    1. A “Blue Plate Special:”
      • Meatloaf
      • Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
      • Macaroni & Cheese
    2. Hamburgers
    3. Hot Dogs
    4. French Fries
    5. Root Beer Floats and Coke Floats
    6. Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry Milkshakes
    7. Ice Cream Sundaes
    8. Banana Splits
    9. Cupcakes: We found a cherry coke flavored cupcake recipe on Pinterest that was great.
    10. Apple and Cherry Pie: Instead of cake, Delanie wanted pies at her diner.

servingAfter menu planning, I make a list of items needed to make or serve the food on the menu.

For the 50s themed party, I needed:

  1. Utensils: forks, knives, and spoons. The color is sometimes important to me. For this party, I already had a large box of clear utensils, so we used those.
  2. Long spoons for floats
  3. Banana split boats
  4. Float cups
  5. Sundae dishes
  6. Plates: I always like to get large and small plates — small for appetizers and desserts and large for meals. For Delanie’s party, we chose black and white polka dots and black and white stripes with coordinating napkins.
  7. Napkins: I purchase large and small napkins for the same reason as listed above for the plates.
  8. Hot dog and hamburger baskets
  9. Straws: I did red and white striped straws for this theme.
  10. Cupcake containers: I chose red, black and white polka dots. We were trying to make our cupcakes look like the Pinterest pictures we found.

I also draw out how I will serve the food so that I know how many tables I need, as well as the number and size of linens for the tables. I always use what I have available before purchasing or renting. For this party, I already had 6 eight-foot buffet tables to use, which was helpful to keep the costs down a bit.


decorationsAgain, I start with the Pinterest board for ideas. Then, I look at the space to determine how I want to decorate. I then make a list of everything that I would like to purchase for decor. Something that saves me time is adding things to my shopping cart as I’m searching on Amazon. Then, I delete items from my cart as I narrow down what I need based on the cost.

I purchased or rented the following for Delanie’s party:

  1. delainecostumeCostumes: Delanie asked everyone to dress in fifties gear, so we both had to figure out our own costumes. I bought my dress on Amazon. I found Delanie’s outfit from a local costume store.
  2. Soda Shop Hats
  3. Wall Decorations: I used plastic table cloths for a wall covering. My original idea was to use it for the floor, but it was very thin and ripped easily, so I improvised and taped it to the walls.
  4. Tables and Chairs: I rented tables and chairs from a local rental company that had fifties diner themed items for rent.
  5. Table Linens: I rented red floor length table linens for all of my tables.


planAfter all of the ordering is complete, I start to plan for the day before and day of the party by making a to-do list of everything that needs to be prepared and decorated. This helps me stay organized to eliminate stress leading up to, and the day of, the party. popular online dating sites canada Download The Easy Breezy Party Planning Checklist here!


outsourcingI like to outsource everything that I can to make things easier and less stressful for myself (keeping it all Easy and Breezy!). After all, this is a party that I want to sit back and enjoy.

So I wouldn’t be running around and stressed the day before or the day of our 50s themed party, I hired someone to clean the house. I also hired a friend to pinphotohelp me prepare all of the food the night before and day of, and she stayed to work the diner and take orders and serve up the food during the party. She also stayed to help me clean up. In addition, I hired a photographer, so I wouldn’t stress about getting pictures. Of course, I returned to Pinterest for inspiration.



The final and last step is to relax and enjoy the day!