SUBSCRIBE! After reading this title, with one eyebrow raised, you might be asking, “What does truth have to do with business?” I totally get it. There might have been a time when I even asked myself that question. However, with wisdom under my belt, I have come to appreciate that if you don’t know what you’re passionate about, or what really drives you — from a truthful place — then how are you supposed to build a successful business that will bring you joy?

seriöse singlebörse kostenlos Being truthful can be very painful for many because, as they say, the truth can sometimes hurt. It requires you to analyze not only what you like about your life, but also what you don’t like about your life. When identifying what you don’t like, you also have to take responsibility for the fact that it’s up to you to change what you don’t like.

black flirt kosten But don’t let the pain and fear get the best of you. What’s on the other side of truth is a beautiful thing — clarity and awareness! Clarity and awareness bring power (and a natural shift in mindset). It also allows you to celebrate who you top article truly are. Once you get clear and aware of what you don’t like about your life and business (more on awareness in our next issue!), you’ll be clear on what needs to change, and from there, you can create a plan to make those changes.

read more To begin getting clear on your truth, take an honest inventory of your life, your business and your overall journey to date. Some sample questions to ask yourself include:

  • What are your likes and dislikes?
  • What would you change about your relationships?
  • Are you currently happy with your work?
  • What would you change about your work if you could?
  • Is it possible to make those changes?
  • What would you love to be doing for income if there were no obstacles?
  • What steps can you take to create that kind of business?
  • Why are you afraid to launch your business?
  • What are you afraid of losing in life?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • If you currently have your own business, what do you dislike about your current client base?

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online dating essay Again, once you get clear on the answers to questions such as these, you can create a plan to make changes to live your truth on a daily basis, and from there, create a business that speaks to and represents that truth. This clarity will also help you identify and attract your ideal client.

rencontre ado sans inscription gay Now that you have an honest evaluation of your likes, dislikes, and fears, create a game plan to make the changes to live the life you truly desire. A word of caution — don’t attempt to make these changes all at once. Make a list and prioritize the changes needed. From there, create goals to make the changes. For example, can you make one change a day? Or if that’s too aggressive, can you make one change a week? A month? Decide what works best for you, and get ready to soar!

In next month’s issue, we will go deeper into the awareness mentioned here and how conscious awareness is a must to shift mindset and create the life of your dreams.